Alexion Credit Agreement

This press release contains forward-looking statements, including guidelines on expected financial results for 2020 (and assumptions regarding these guidelines); our expectations of the impact COVID-19 will have on our operations and operations, including clinical trials and product deliveries; The strength of our business and sustained growth; Plans to expand the company`s pipeline; Future plans and start date for future clinical trials and the expected date for the completion of selected clinical trials and clinical trials, including clinical programs of ULTOMIRIS, a higher concentration formulation of ULTOMIRIS, SOLIRIS, ALXN1840, CAEL-101, AG10, ALXN2040 and ALXN1830; The potential benefits of current products and products under development and clinical trials; development program plans with third parties; and Alexion`s future clinical, regulatory and commercial plans for ULTOMIRIS and other product products and product candidates. Forward-looking statements are subject to factors that may result in results and plans of adverse events significantly different from these forward-looking statements, including z.B of our dependence on the sale of our core product (SOLIRIS); our ability to facilitate the timely transition from SOLIRIS to ULTOMIRIS; the recipient, physician and acceptance of ULTOMIRIS as an alternative to SOLIRIS; the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic on Alexion`s activities, including distribution, clinical trials, operations and supply chain; Alexion`s proposed takeover of Portola cannot be finalized; Reasonable prices for ULTOMIRIS; Future competition from biosimilars and new products; decisions made by regulators regarding the adequacy of our research, marketing authorization or restrictions essential to the marketing of our products; Delays or failure to obtain administrative authorization by product applicants; Delays or inability to nominate product candidates due to regulatory constraints, expected costs or other issues; Interruptions or breakdowns in the manufacture and delivery of our products and candidates; Ignore issues raised by the FDA and other regulators; The results of early clinical studies may not be an indication of the full results or results obtained from subsequent or major clinical trials (or a larger patient population) and may not guarantee authorisation by the authorities to market; the possibility that clinical trial results do not predict the safety, efficacy and efficacy of our products (or that we do not practice or properly manage our clinical trials), which could lead us to discontinue studies, delay studies or prevent us from applying for marketing authorization by the authorities or from not ending up with a refusal of approval of our products; Unexpected delays in clinical trials Unexpected concerns that may result from additional data or analyses obtained during clinical trials; Future product improvement cannot be achieved due to costs, feasibility or other factors; Uncertainty about the long-term success of the development, licensing or acquisition of other products or additional indications for existing products; The inability to make proposed acquisitions due to the absence of regulatory approvals or substantial changes to the target or other means; The inability to make acquisitions and investments due to increased competition for technology; The possibility that the current acceptance rates of our products will not be maintained; The adequacy of our pharmacovigilance and drug safety reporting procedures; lack of protection and implementation of our data, intellectual property and property rights, as well as risks and uncertainties related to intellectual property rights, lawsuits and challenges (including ULTOMIRIS-related intellectual property complaints, which were brought against Alexion by third parties and inter-parliamentary review petitions