American Express Corporate Green Card Agreement

Corporate Membership Rewards® terms and conditions are available under for more information. Corporate membership rewards partners, available rewards and point levels are subject to change without notice. A nice upgrade would be the American Express® Corporate Gold Card (Review), which contains all the benefits and services of this card, as well as much more, for a higher annual fee. If they participate in the Membership Rewards program, employees receive for most purchases 1X Membership Rewards points per dollar. You can either consolidate the rewards of your registered employee cards or allow employees to earn and use rewards individually on their own cards. Enrollment in this program costs an additional $90 $US per year. Registration for the Corporate Membership Rewards program is required. Only American Express® Corporate Green Card, American Express® Corporate Gold Card and Corporate Platinum Card® American Express are eligible to enroll in the Corporate Membership Rewards program. An annual registration fee of $90 USD is charged to the program administrator for each registered corporate green card. The Corporate Gold Card and corporate Platinum Card are not subject to any program fees®. Earn one Corporate Membership Rewards point for every dollar of eligible purchases that are charged for American Express® registered corporate cards. Eligible purchases are purchases of goods and services, net of returns and other credits.

Eligible purchases do not include interest charges or charges, credit transfers, cash advances, traveller`s cheque purchases, prepaid card purchases or top-ups, or purchases of other cash equivalents. If the corporate card member moves from an existing Membership Rewards program to the Corporate Membership Rewards program, the card member has 30 days to use existing Membership Rewards points before they fall into disrepair. This card has an annual fee of up to $75, but you may be can reduce it if you discuss the terms during the application process. 3. Savings at Work („SAW“): The SAW program allows Active American Express business customers to access advance-negotiated discounts on qualified purchases made with the American Express Corporate Card from participating SAW dealers. All offers are promoted by the merchant, not by American Express. The merchant`s general conditions of sale apply. For more information, see The loan of money on your credit card is a cash advance. Cash advances usually come with very high fees. Worse, cash advances can signal to lenders that you are irresponsible with money. Since this is a charging card, the credit must be paid in full each month in order to avoid considerable fees.

American Express Corporate Green Card was designed for employees working in a multi-million dollar business and offers flexible and secure payment options with some basic travel benefits…