Dod Technical Assistance Agreement

b) Any transfer of technical data to a foreign person in the United States is considered an export to all countries in which the foreign person has nationality, possesses it or has permanent residence. Access information is information that allows access to encrypted technical data submitted to this sub-chapter in an unencrypted form. For example, decryption keys, network access codes and passwords. (i) the university or its researchers accept other restrictions on the publication of scientific and technical information resulting from the project or activity, or (2) the disclosure or transmission of technical data to a foreign person who is a citizen or permanent residence in a country other than the foreign country where disclosure or transfer takes place (a „re-export); or (f) software, but is not limited to system function design, thought flow, algorithms, application programs, operating systems and support software for design, implementation, testing, operation, diagnosis and repair. A person who wishes to export only software should, unless it is specifically mentioned in section 121.1 of this sub-chapter (for example. B CATEGORY USML XIII (b)), apply for a technical data license in accordance with Part 125 of this sub-chapter. An agreement (e.g.B. contract) under which a U.S. person authorizes a foreign person to manufacture defence objects abroad and that includes or contemplates: (b) the foreign person`s use of technical data or defensive items previously exported by the U.S. person. (See part 124 of this sub-chapter). (1) Application/permanent export licence for unclassified defence items and related technical data (DSP-5 form). Fortunately, there is a procedure that has been developed only for this purpose, a technical assistance agreement or TAA.

With a technical assistance agreement, you do not apply for a license to export the number of physical X products to another country. Instead, you can ask permission to discuss and share regulated technical data with an overseas contact. In general, a TAA would address these three issues: for the most part, every email, call and fax related to its product or customer requirements has been subject to the requirements for technical data export licensing! (2) verbal or written exchange of technical data with persons foreign to the United States or abroad; (2) The provision of technical data related to this sub-chapter to foreign persons (see item 120.10), whether in the United States or abroad; or (5) Sending, taking or recording technical data, that is: defence article refers to all articles or technical data that are in . 121.1 of this sub-chapter. The directive described in point 120.3 applies to designations of additional objects. This term includes technical data recorded or stored in any physical form, model, mockups or other object containing technical data directly related to the objects covered in this sub-chapter 121.1. It also includes forged parts, molded parts and other unfinished products, such as extrusions and machined bodies, which have reached a stage in manufacturing, where they are clearly recognizable by mechanical properties, material composition, geometry or function as defense items. It does not contain basic marketing information about the function or purpose or general descriptions of the system. (b) permission to disclose technical data to a foreign person is required to provide that foreign person with access data where such access information may or may permit access, display or possession of unencrypted technical data; (3) Military training of foreign units and armed forces, regular and irregular training, including formal or informal training of foreign persons in the United States or abroad or through distance courses, technical, educational or information publications and media of all kinds, training assistance, orientation, training and military advice. (see also point 124.1.) 120.22 Technical Assistance Agreement. An agreement (for example. B contract)