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Almost every month, over the past two decades, there have been exposures and scandals about FSC-certified timber, which is proven to come from illegal sources, in areas where forests are destroyed or where other serious damage occurs to the environment, or where companies act in flagrant violation of international agreements, for example, on the rights of indigenous peoples. A major documentary investigation for the Franco-German television channel ARTE in 2018 revealed abuses of the FSC system, from Brazil to Russia and from Congo to Cambodia. In the early 1990s, when I helped create the Forest Air Council (FSC), the aim was to set up an eco-label scheme that would allow consumers to distinguish between wood and paper products from sustainable and ethically acceptable sources and those in which forests have been destroyed. Signs indicate that very few products would qualify for a label in the short and medium term, as truly sustainable forest management for timber would be the exception rather than the rule. TAMPERE, Finland, 2 June 2016 (press release) – UFM Raflatac Netherlands has signed a cooperation agreement with FSC Netherlands. UPM Raflatac recognizes the importance of sustainable forest management and its role in the supply and promotion of sustainable labeling products. Cooperation with FSC offers the opportunity to promote the benefits of sustainable forest management in the labelling and packaging industry. Unfortunately, no. There is little strong evidence that forestry practices have improved significantly around the world over the past two decades. Truly independent studies, surprisingly rare, have shown that FSC-certified companies have slightly better standards for things like employee working conditions. Some FSC-certified companies in places such as Canada and Scandinavia (where the vast majority of its wood imported into the UK comes from) have made minor changes to their conservation practices. But the fundamental nature of business practices has remained the same.

The Commission is in the process of updating some of the content of this site in light of the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union. If the website contains content that does not yet reflect the UK`s exit, this is unintentional and is addressed. „We are focused on raising awareness of the importance of using certified forest labels for brand owners. There is great potential for the use of FSC® certified paper in the packaging industry, and our partnership with FSC will support this evolution,“ says Jesse Rep, Country Director of UPM Raflatac Netherlands. FSC 100% labels identify products made of 100% new products from FSC certified forests. June 2021: 35.0 million Acres Certified Forest Area, US154.8 Million Certified Acres in the U.S. and Canada3,573 U.S. Certified Companies FSC has a number of resources that will help you navigate the certification process. The following links provide an overview and more complete documents can be downloaded from the Documentation Center. Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest updates on the entire FSC system. FSC in the Amazon Prime feature film „The Tomorrow War“ Placed Look for an FSC certified company or dealerAuthorized brand users have a unique license code that identifies them. To find the license code of a certificate holder, search with the global certificate Database.To search for the license code for a trademark licensee, search with the non-holder`s database.

Trademark abuseIf you believe the marks are being misused, please report it immediately. To preserve the integrity of the system, it is important that FSC marks are used correctly….