Sample Of Strategic Partnership Agreement

Other examples of supply chain partnerships come from the technology sector. Intel presents processors for many computer manufacturers. Toyota supplies engines for lotus of sports cars. Texas Instruments makes chips for anything you can imagine. These companies have strategic supply chain partnerships with other companies. Such an agreement could exist between a digital marketing agency and a graphic designer, a web designer, a database management company or an Internet service provider and an e-mail provider, to name but a few of the many possibilities. In any case, a basic strategic partnership agreement should include the following: If you can perform each function internally, preserve quality and make a profit, your business can`t get much out of a strategic partnership agreement. But there is almost always the possibility of reducing the cost column or increasing the end result in each store, and that`s where strategic partners are useful. If there is a chance for your business to improve, there is a good chance that there is a partner who can help you.

The same logic can be applied to a variety of different products, so it is something worth considering in many situations. If you are interested in a strategic marketing partnership, you would like to look for either a reference with which you will share a customer base or a company active in a related sector capable of marketing your goods or services to a new target audience. Another type of alliance is a strategic technology partnership. This type of strategic partnership includes working with IT companies to keep your business afloat. It can be a partnership between your web design company and a specific IT repair service that you always call in exchange for a reduced service price. It could also include partnering with a cloud-based storage platform to meet all of your file storage requirements. As part of a strategic partnership, two companies are interweeding their efforts in a particular area, such as marketing, supply chain, integration, technology, finance or a combination of these. On the other hand, long-standing strategic alliances develop a dependent relationship. Both parties are more dependent on each other. The alliance thus loses its strategic lead and becomes a traditional business partnership. Let`s look at five types of common strategic partnerships and what is taken into account in a typical strategic partnership agreement. An example of a strategic partnership agreement that regulates a general obligation to cooperate with a partner (as opposed to a project related to a given project).

One of a company`s main goals is to maximize profits at a lower cost.