Sap Tcode Display Outline Agreement

Trail 3Logistics → materials sector → purchase → framework agreement → list indicates → by group of materials. What is the shipping office? Shipping Point is an independent organizational unit, with goods. Step-5 Recover the previous overview of the screen and click the Save button. A message like below – Check the possible menu options to access the same report by avoiding entering the transaction code. Trail 1 Information systems → General report Selection → materials sector → purchase → framework purchasing contracts → framework contracts by material group ME3L – Framework contracts by supplier ME3K – Outl. Agreements after assignment ME3J – Framework contracts per project ME3C – Framework contracts per material group ME3B – Outl. Agreements according to the requirement number ME3A – Transm. Output documentation folder. Mahnwesen This is the process of correspondence with the customer/supplier on unpaid invoices (in sap. . . It`s under the ME package.

When we run this transactional code, RM06EC00 is the STANDARD STANDARD NORMAL program running in the background….