Standard Employment Agreement Nz

Every worker must have a written employment contract. If your employer decides to terminate your employment by laying off, restructuring or laying off, they must go through a formal process. If you do not follow this correctly, you may be entitled to compensation. Employers are required to keep a copy of the employment contract (or current signed terms of employment). The employer must respect a „considered agreement“ even if the employee has not signed it. Staff members are entitled, upon request, to a copy of their contract. In the first 30 days, new workers must be employed under conventional conditions where there is a collective agreement. An employee and an employer may agree on additional conditions that are more favourable than those provided in the collective agreement. You should always conclude the agreement on the agreed date. If you need to renew it, do so in writing before the original contract is concluded. The model describes the extension process. A written employment contract is a legal condition and a good basis for a working relationship.

This helps you and your co-worker to be clear: If you have had a disagreement with your employer and you do not believe that you have been treated fairly, you can find out where you can get help on our „Workplace Assistance“ page. The following standard work contracts are provided for information provided by members and without any guarantee of suitability for a given working relationship. Members should be advised on their specific requirements to ensure that you meet all applicable legal requirements. A temporary worker is employed for a specified period with a specified expiry date or event when his employment ends (for example. B at the end of the season). You must need a temporary dismissal before the end of the mandate and you must follow a formal procedure for this dismissal. An employment contract also describes an employee`s rights, including pay, working time, benefit packages and leave. If an employer does not provide the appropriate amount of compensation or working time, a worker can take legal action against him.

In this case, the employee could use the employment contract as proof of his agreement in court. Changes to labour law mean that employers can no longer offer zero-term contracts. Learn more about working hours (external link) on the Employment New Zealand website. If a collective agreement covers your employment, your new worker must have the same conditions as the collective agreement for the first 30 days of work. After 30 days, if the worker has not joined the union, the employer and the employee can sign changes or a new individual contract. Jon, a natural science teacher, will be offered a permanent job at a local school near Cromwell. He tells the principal of the school that he wants to review the collective agreement before signing his letter of offer.