Strategic Collaboration Agreement Aws

Tech Data has announced a new Strategic Cooperation Agreement (SCA) with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The agreement will enable Tech Data and AWS to jointly invest in the resources and know-how needed to enable businesses to accelerate their own digital business transformations and offer a wide range of AWS cloud computing services to small and medium-sized business (SMB) end customers across Europe. T-Systems has pooled all its know-how in its cloud migration framework. It consists of methods drawn from extensive experience in managing complex IT landscapes, extensive experience in operating and managing applications, secure migration of business workloads, and the management of innovative multi-cloud systems. T-Systems has about 2,200 cloud architects and 1,000 additional AWS experts. The Strategic Cooperation Agreement helps T-Systems develop capabilities in both solutions and people through a strong training and activation program. The ICT service provider intends to train an additional 3,000 AWS experts as part of the new cooperation. This agreement comes less than a year after the creation of ZephyrTel and reflects the company`s growth strategy and focuses on cloud management in the Telco market. The strategic cooperation agreement will initially focus on a common market approach, based on ZephyrTel`s industry-leading customer experience management platform, ResponseTek for Telco, which was the first ZephyrTel solution to be migrated to AWS. „OutSystems shares AWS` commitment to innovate on behalf of our common customers and to create the services and products they need today,“ said Doug Yeum, Director of the World Partner Organization, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

„We are pleased to continue to collaborate with OutSystems in extending its cloud offering to the breadth and depth of AWS services in areas such as the developer. Data and analytics and machine learning to offer our common customers the ability to develop and execute applications that use AWS`s scalability, security and flexibility. „ benefit enormously from the close collaboration between F5 and AWS,“ says Chip Anderson, founder and president of „Through the use of cloud solutions from F5 to AWS, our new cloud strategy enables us to provide our customers with a faster, more reliable, safer and scalable set of web applications. We`re now offering more insights and data faster than ever before. Through a new and extensive collaboration with AWS, AllCloud will expand its professional and managerial services organizations with staff training and certifications for AWS technologies. AllCloud becomes the official partner of AWS (ATP) training and recruits hundreds of new experts in the cloud. Based on AWS best practices, AllCloud will develop a service framework, including advice, advice, integration, migration and management services to provide AWS to large customers. Considerable efforts are being made in Solutions Suite to offer customers Enterprise-class solutions that can produce, adapt and optimize for multiple sectors.