Ukala Tenancy Agreement

During the lease, tenants are responsible for rent, all utilities, telephone and Internet lines and their subscriptions, television licence and Council tax. Once you`ve logged into the TFP website (, if you select the „My Account“ option at the top of the page, then select „Buys and Downloads“ on the left, you`ll find a product called member ukala and, on the right, hyperlinks to download the various items, including leases. Change of tenant over the tenancy period – USD 50 VAT included What matters is that the package also includes the rental contract file, which provides secure short-term leases for each deposit guarantee system as well as standard, rent-free contracts. Each type of contract is offered with a different version, whether the lessor or broker manages the lease. Your deposit is registered and maintained by the Deposit Protection Service (DPS), which is supported by the Ministry of Housing, municipalities and local governments. Your full deposit will be refunded at the end of the lease, unless deductions are made for cleaning or breaks/damage, beyond those of fair wear and tear. You have the legal right to challenge these fees and your deposit guarantee service will provide you with a dispute resolution service in the unlikely event that deductions should be made. This service is free. In accordance with the Rental Costs Act 2019, applicants must enter into the lease agreement (sign the contract within 15 days schedule) or the holding company contribution may be withheld and the property may be re-advertised. If a clause in the lease gives a party less than its legal rights, that clause cannot be applied. The PRS is the redress system designated by UKALA for members of its agents. If you are using an agent who is a member of UKALA, please contact him before filing a complaint with us to verify that the PRS is the agent of choice`s redress system.

You`ll find UKALA`s own membership search here – Inventory This is an accurate and detailed description of the interior of a property. The inventory report allows for an accurate comparison at the end of the lease and is used to prevent or resolve disputes at the end of the tenancy agreement between the landlord and the tenant. We ask our landlord to pay for inbound and outbound supplies, as we can no longer charge tenants (in accordance with the prohibition of rental fees). This varies depending on the size of the property. Prices are as follows for check-in: It is advisable to get a real estate professional to design your rental contract. You will be able to submit to a guaranteed short-term lease agreement in accordance with current legislation and ensure that there will be no unenforceable clauses.