Waterloo Fire Department Collective Agreement

12.1.9 It is considered that a temporary/appointment position will not exceed seventy (70) working days. This term can only be renewed with the written agreement between the association and the university. These extensions are neither unduly requested nor denied. For extended positions of more than seventy (70) days, the member obtains internal status for internal detachments, receives 4% instead of benefits and is placed on an appropriate stage in the salary schedule. Regardless of internal status, a trial period only begins when the member has successfully obtained a temporary or permanent position. 23.2.1 The parties agree that no single schedule meets the work requirements of all departments and that some flexibility is required for the operational effectiveness of the university. Weekend work is only included in a member`s normal schedule if: ii. position leader/division head/head of administration and, if necessary, immediately supervises; „I know there`s often criticism of the arbitration system, but I think in that case it worked very well,“ Good said. „The arbitrators considered the ability to pay, they looked at the financial and economic situation of the province and the municipality – he certainly repeated agreements in other municipalities. iii. if the work is not yet assigned, qualified members of the original division of labour. This is the second agreement in a row that the city and firefighters have reached without going to arbitration. In a press release, Mayor Berry Vrbanovic said the agreement was fair.

15.7 When a member ousts a member on a temporary basis, the ousted member exercises his seniority rights at the end of that position according to the procedure described in section 15.3. However, for the expelled Member of Parliament, any agreement on the length of the appointment is cancelled. The agreed increases do not include so-called firefighters` „recognition pay,“ which increases annual salaries based on years of service. A firefighter with between 8 and 16 years of experience receives an annual increase of 3% on top of the base increase. A firefighter between the age of 17 and 22 receives an additional 6% per year, a firefighter 23 years of age or more and more than the basic increase. 3.2.2 The university provides the Association with duplication, computer and audiovisual services as well as other academic services that can be agreed from time to time by the parties at the internal rate of services. The city wants three agents from the extinction group to take it out. Arguments have yet to be made.

While the arbitrators were reviewing Waterloo`s case, the city granted pay increases of 1.5 per cent between firefighters in 2012, 1.7 per cent in 2013 and 1.9 per cent in 2014. iii. An agreement on the flexibility of a member`s working time is not considered a permanent obligation. Flexible schedule agreements may be time-limited or terminated by the member or manager. A member`s flexible working arrangement is not terminated by either the member or the manager without prior consultation and appropriate notification to the association. This consultation will include the reasons for this purpose; Once again, a new contract was signed between the City of Waterloo and its firefighters in Seatosia. A four-hour, 40-hour week for fire safety personnel. It has been in force for several years, but no formal agreement has been reached. 25.17.6 Members may benefit from their right to leave at their discretion, subject to the prior agreement of their supervisor, and according to the functional requirements of their service.

Managers will allow leave in a fair and equitable manner and will respond in writing and in due course to holiday requests. After the authorization, the leave cannot be revoked by the director without the member`s consent.