University Of Maryland Indirect Cost Rate Agreement

Rates are applied to the modified Total Direct Cost (CCT) or Total Direct Cost (MTDC) as noted above. You must include F&A in your proposal whenever the RFP (Request For Proposal) allows it. Indeed, it is the UMCES policy that we ask for our full rate negotiated by the state, unless this is prevented by explicit directives on the agency / formal notice. If you think your proposal should be submitted with a reduced R&A rate, if there is no explicit reason (i.e. in the written agency directive or request), you can request an R&A waiver. All teaching and training activities of the university, with the exception of research training. Knowledge of the nature of the activity is essential for choosing the right indirect cost rate. The types of activities negotiated and/or recognised by UofL are as follows: the recovery of indirect costs for the eligible project types is accepted. All rates other than those mentioned in grid (1) must be set out in the Sponsor`s published policy or (2) approved in writing by your Dean and James Hughes, Chief Enterprise and Economic Development Officer, Senior Vice President and Interim Chief Philanthropy Officer and Interim President, UMB Foundation, Inc., or his representative.

For this type of base, indirect costs are estimated on the basis of all direct costs. The TDC cost base is used for agencies or non-profit organizations when they are published, the universally applied guidelines limit indirect cost coverage below the tariff negotiated by UofL. TDC is also used for industry-supported clinical projects. If a federal, state or municipal authority or non-profit organization, such as a foundation or health authority, does not authorize or limit the indirect rate of costs as defined in a published and uniformly applied guideline, UofL will comply with that sponsor`s directive. Published guidelines or guidelines must be attached to any submission of tenders below UofL`s total recovery rate. The reduced rate is applied to the total direct cost (unless otherwise provided for in the promoter`s directive). If the sentence is not supported by a published guideline or written guidelines applicable to all applicants, the university`s fully negotiated rate should be applied. The collective agreement and additional information on R&A rates is available at: If a federal, national, local or international government entity or non-profit organization, such as a foundation, has a published price lower than the indirect rate set out in our negotiated collective agreement, UofL accepts the company`s rate; however, the proposal must be accompanied by documented evidence of the company`s indirect interest rate. .

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